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Pump station Grundfos MQ 3-45
  • Pump station Grundfos MQ 3-45

Pump station Grundfos MQ 3-45

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135000 KZT
Country of manufacture:Italy

Pump station Grundfos MQ 3-45

 MQ3-45 A-O-A-BVBP

MQ - the small-sized pump station of water supply representing the uniform knot consisting of the pump, the engine, a pressure head membrane tank, sensors of pressure and a channel, the control unit and the backpressure valve. The control unit serves for automatic start at emergence of water consumption, and switching off of the pump at its termination.

Installation Thanks to small dimensions the station does not take a lot of place and is easily mounted on the place of operation. Around the pump it is not required to leave free space for installation.

Ease in operation. The pump has the control unit with user-friendly the ON/OFF button and light indication of the modes of operation.

The self-soaking-up pump. The pump is self-soaking up therefore it is capable to force the water which is below its level. The maximum height of absorption - no more than 8 m.

Built-in protection. In case of work dry or an overheat, for example as a result of jamming of knots or an overload, the pump will automatically stop that will allow to eliminate danger burn-out of windings.

Automatic kvittirovaniye. There is a function of an automatic kvittirovaniye. In case of work dry or giving of other emergency signal the pump will be switched off. Further the pump will try to turn on each 30 minutes within 24 hours. Function avtomatich. kvittir. it can be disconnected.

Low noise level. The pump has low noise level thanks to the hydraulics and own cooling of the engine with the pumped-over water that allows to exploit him as inside, and out of the room.

Pressure head hydrotank. The built-in pressure head hydrotank reduces the number of short-term inclusions switching off, reducing thereby degree of wear of details.

Maintenance. Maintenance is not required.

The main
The producer - Grundfos
Country producer Italy
Maximum capacity 3.0 (cubic m/hour)
The maximum pressure - 45.0 (m)
The pumped-over environments Clear water
Way of installation of the pump - Superficial
Power consumption (W) 1.0 (kW)
Tension of network 220 ~ 240 V
Increase in pressure - Yes
Automatic control of level of a working environment - Yes
Protection against an overheat Yes
Smooth launch of the engine - Yes
Warranty period - 12 (months)
Country of manufacture:Italy
Information is up-to-date: 13.12.2018
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