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Pump station Grundfos Scala 2 3-45
  • Pump station Grundfos Scala 2 3-45

Pump station Grundfos Scala 2 3-45

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155000 KZT
Country of manufacture:Italy

Pump station Grundfos Scala 2 3-45

Ideal pressure of water thanks to the compact and easily mounted pump installation of new generation.

SCALA2 represents new generation of the automatic pump installations intended for systems of water supply of private houses. SCALA2 will provide a constant pressure of water even if you use several points of water analysis at the same time. This compact decision includes the pump, the electric motor, a membrane tank, sensors, the drive, the backpressure valve - in a word all necessary elements. Thanks to the built-in elements, SCALA2 automatically regulates the work, adapting to expense parameters in system of water supply. The SCALA2 electric motor is cooled with the pumped-over liquid that allows to guarantee one of the lowest noise levels among pumps for the systems of water supply presented at the market.

What is the intellectual control of the pump?

SCALA2 differs in existence of the built-in sensor which constantly measures pressure at the exit from the pump. If pressure falls below necessary level, SCALA2 productivity immediately increases to compensate pressure drop. We call it intellectual management of the pump, and the constant pressure of water in the pipeline is result.


  • Maintenance of a constant pressure of water: Thanks to the intelligent block pump installation automatically regulates the work, supporting the set water pressure level.
  • Reliable design and protection against the "dry" course: Made of wearproof composite materials, SCALA2 is equipped with the built-in protection against the "dry" course and recurrence
  • Low noise level: In regular working conditions the level of the made SCALA2 of noise makes only 47 dB(A) that does it to one of the most silent installations for water supply in the class.
  • Self-absorption function: Thanks to the built-in ejector the pump lifts water from depth to 8 meters
  • Installation is possible in the open air: The class of isolation of X4D allows to mount installation in the open air at an environment iyemperatura above 0th °C. The built-in filter protects from hit in pollution and insects
  • Clear and convenient management: In the top part of installation the control panel with LED indication by means of which in only a few seconds it is possible to establish the necessary pressure of forcing is located, and also to receive data on an operating mode and mistakes.
  • High energy efficiency: High level of energy efficiency, thanks to the engine on permanent magnets and to the frequency converter.


The superficial pump SCALA2 installation is intended for work in systems of water supply of the private houses up to 3 floors high having up to 8 points of water analysis.

SCALA2 is created for the solution of the following tasks:

  • Increase in pressure from city highways
  • Water supply from wells (<-8 m)
  • Water supply from accumulative capacities
  • For systems of manual and automatic watering
  • Pure pumping from reservoirs

Technical characteristics

Ambient temperature to 55 °C
Temperature of the pumped-over liquid to 45 °C
Working pressure 10 bars
Isolation class X4D (installation in the open air)
Number of storeys of the building Max. 3 
Quantity of points of water analysis Max. 8
Dimensions Height: 304 mm, length: 403 mm, width: 193 mm
Weight (net) 10 kg

The main
The producer - Grundfos
Country producer Italy
Maximum capacity 3.0 (cubic m/hour)
The maximum pressure - 45.0 (m)
The pumped-over environments Clear water
Way of installation of the pump - Superficial
Power consumption (W) 0.55 (kW)
Tension of network 220 ~ 240 V
Increase in pressure - Yes
Automatic control of level of a working environment - Yes
Protection against an overheat Yes
Smooth launch of the engine - Yes
Warranty period - 12 (months)
Country of manufacture:Italy
Information is up-to-date: 13.12.2018
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